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Build and Load Your Enterprise Data Warehouse Faster

With SkyBITS' automatically-generated ETL code, you can significantly shorten enterprise data warehouse development, optimize data loads, and orchestrate your entire data pipeline from a single user interface.

7 Key Benefits of Using SkyBITS

SkyBITS automatically generates ETL code that combines industry best practices and proven data patterns to create a high-performing data warehouse that can be scaled to meet your organization’s growing needs.

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Deliver insights to your business faster by accelerating your data warehouse development with SkyBITS.


Leverage the code generation and built-in orchestration features to minimize the learning curve of your Data Analytics team and benefit from established BI industry standards.

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SkyBITS provides a framework for building data warehouses that ensures consistency across your BI team.


With SkyBITS, you don’t have to sacrifice quality when faced with schedule, budget, and resource constraints. 

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Quickly refactor data models to meet the changing needs of the business. Data warehouse updates can be implemented and automatically deployed in minutes instead of days via the simple code regeneration process.


SkyBITS enables up-to-the-minute decision-making and fast queries, even with large data volumes.

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SkyBITS' underlying technology is patent pending, but the outputs are standard SQL Objects and T-SQL code. There is no black box.

Case Study

Kolbe Windows & Doors

Kolbe needed to develop enhanced reporting, data visualization, and content distribution capabilities so their dealers knew which opportunities to pursue.

SkyBITS let Kolbe quickly and seamlessly make database changes and transform source data to the conformed data warehouse model. It also generated metadata-driven data warehouse ETL procedures and provided robust data orchestration components to manage and schedule data transformation processes.

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See how SkyBITS can build and load your data warehouse in minutes.