Made for Data Engineers by Data Engineers, SkyBITS Enables Better Data Analytics, Data Science, and IoT

When developers find themselves consistently writing the same code for similar solutions, the instinct is to innovate, save time, and increase value through simplification, replication, and automation. 

SkyBITS was born from the needs and solutions of over 15+ years of data warehouse implementations and tens of thousands of consulting hours.


It has been designed by data engineers, for data engineers, to quickly remove common barriers in the data space. The result is improved data quality for Data Analytics, Data Science, and IoT.

What value does SkyBITS add?

Your data can be a competitive advantage if you can automate manual processes and combine your siloed data into one source of truth. SkyBITS makes a developer’s life easier by helping development teams deliver vital data to the business much faster.


SkyBITS reduces mundane development efforts, limits user error, and accelerates the journey from data gathering to data insights. Organizations don’t get value from writing the code itself. The ROI comes from refreshed, cleansed data available for consumption by the organization.

  • SkyBITS accelerates time to value and reduces risk by standardizing development, automating mundane and repeatable tasks, and orchestrating across multiple data sources and translation logic.

  • SkyBITS improves the success rate of complex data warehouse initiatives through automation and standardization of ETL and data warehouse code generation.

  • SkyBITS minimizes the learning curve for developers by incorporating BI best practices into its code generation

  • SkyBITS minimizes total cost of ownership through a stable, common architecture and frees up your data engineering team to do more value-add work.

  • SkyBITS enables the operationalization of Data Science use cases and self-service analytics by supporting a structured and curated data source.

Our Team

The dedicated SkyBITS team brings over 75 years of combined IT experience to the table. Their passion for the vision and execution of the SkyBITS product roadmap is based on building a toolset that offers premium value to other data engineers and their businesses. SkyBITS is also backed by 140+ technologists at our parent company, Skyline Technologies.

cory cundy.png

Cory Cundy

Co-Founder and Product Owner

chris miller.png

Chris Miller

Co-Founder and Principal Architect

Cory has over 18 years of IT experience currently specializing in data analytics / data platforms. He spent the first half of his career as a software developer before transitioning to the data analytics space. He is as comfortable as a solution architect as he is doing hands-on SkyBITS implementations. Clients refer to him as a trusted advisor.

Chris is a seasoned Data Analytics expert with over 20 years experience solving business problems for clients. He has extensive knowledge in software design, development, performance, and architecture.

tony ropson.png

Tony Ropson

Principal Developer

mike lauer.png

Mike Lauer

Product Manager

Tony is a skilled software engineer with experience doing full stack development in a wide range of Windows/.NET environments.  He specializes in developing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes that connect both on-premises and cloud applications in addition to developing user friendly applications.

Mike has over 25 years of technology and business innovation experience. A software engineer by training and an entrepreneur in spirit, he has held leadership roles in several industries and has helped many organizations realize their vision of bringing new products to market.

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