Primary SkyBITS Features

SkyBITS consists of two key features that work cohesively to generate code and orchestrate the flow of data, end-to-end

SkyBITS Data Modeler

  • Generated code follows proven data warehouse design patterns, so you don't have to design your solution from the ground up:

    • Set based ETL patterns ensure high data throughput performance

    • Built-in auditing, logging, and error-handling

  • Consistent patterns in generated code result in a reduced learning curve for developers

  • Code generation reduces repetitive coding - which allows your team to focus on the business problem

  • Metadata-driven code generation allows for efficient data model refactoring

  • Quickly develop a single source of the truth across your business systems

skybits data modeler.jpeg
skybits data orchestrator.png

SkyBITS Orchestrator

  • Orchestrates complex workflows that support your solution

  • Supports on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environments

  • Improved performance through parallelism and dependency management

  • Execute data movement and automation tasks with no code required

  • Monitor workflow progress in real-time


They Reduce Total Cost-of-Ownership Through:

  • Reduced cloud costs

  • Easier maintenance & enhancements

  • Shorter implementation times

  • Fewer personnel required to develop and maintain analytics solutions

They Decrease the Risk of Implementation Through:

  • Proven Data Warehousing approaches that have been adapted and improved for 15+ years, so your team doesn't need extensive Data Warehousing experience to get started

  • Avoiding custom creation of your solution

  • Intuitive code patterns

  • Security by Design

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