SkyBITS Release Version 1.1

On March 4, 2020, the SkyBITS team released version 1.1. This release has brought some exciting new features and functionality to an already robust tool set. The main focus for the 1.1 release was related to developer experience and UI enhancements. Below is a summarized view of the Release 1.1 enhancements:


  • Improved UI navigation and developer experience

    • Added landing pages for easier navigation

    • PowerShell and Date Reference tasks now have code guidance

    • The UI proactively warns users when actions are being attempted when a batch is in an invalid state

    • Azure resource scaling tasks are more intuitive

    • Connection creation now has:

      • Connection string templates for:

        • (SQL Server) Analysis Services

        • Azure Analysis Services

        • Azure Data Factory

        • Azure Data Lake Gen2 (beta)

        • Azure Remote Management

        • (SQL Server) Integration Services

        • SMTP Email Server

        • SQL Server

      • “Test connection” features

      • Dynamic lists of objects currently using each connection

  • SkyBITS Service installation wizard can now be done within the UI, instead of manually

  • SkyBITS is now digitally signed, which prevents “untrusted software” warnings

  • Developer time-saving enhancements:

    • Bulk modifications of sequence groups

    • Added the ability to create a Batch from a Data Model

    • Added the ability to copy Data Models or tables from existing Data Models

    • Data Model deployments no longer delete your existing data structures, retaining all existing data stored in the tables

  • SkyBITS now has the ability to create virtual time zones for an Azure SQL DB to be able to adjust for Daylight Savings Time or other scenarios (Azure SQL DB does not support this today by default; this is important so that job schedules do not unintentionally shift during changes to/from Daylight Savings Time)