SkyBITS Release Version 1.2

The SkyBITS team formally released SkyBITS v1.2 on Monday, December 7, 2020. This release has brought some exciting new features and functionality to an already robust tool set. The focus for the 1.2 release is what we call Batch Monitoring, but there are several other new features including a more robust SkyBITS General Data Mover. Below is a summary of the enhancements included in v1.2 of SkyBITS:


  • Added service upgrade functionality (wizards which help with the SkyBITS upgrade process).

  • New Service and Batch Monitoring Screens added to the UI, allowing easier access to logged items.

  • A new SkyBITS General Data Mover task has been added under Orchestration that provides additional options

    • New ODBC and OLEDB sources are now available in addition to the SQL server source from earlier versions of SkyBITS

    • Data can now be extracted from a source directly into an ETL staging table without landing the data in an interim table first via the new General Data Mover task.

  • Version Control capability for Data Models: Models can now be auto saved/loaded from a directory, allowing optional integration with version control.

  • Reference dates have been migrated to Global Variables, allowing other types of global items in addition to datetime values. Existing tasks will be updated to use global variables during the upgrade process.

  • Updates to the Settings node under Configuration

    • The Settings node has been renamed "Service Settings".

    • The "All" value has been renamed "Default Service Settings".

    • New installs of the SkyBITS Services (on prem or cloud) automatically create their own Service Settings node (found under the Configuration node).

    • Mouseover hints have been added to all settings.

    • On the Service Settings detail page, descriptions have been replaced with information about the running services including active threads, etc.

  • Data Models and Data Model Tables can now be copied to other instances using the context menu for the source data model/table.

  • The PowerShell Task now accepts batch and global parameters.

  • A new Command Line task type is now available.

  • A new Python Script Task is now available.

  • Support link added to home page.

  • ADF connections now allow Data Factory Name to be specified in the connection string.  Note: This can still be overridden by a task (individual task configurations take precedence).

  • SSAS Connection strings now allow client id and secret for username and password.


All services must be upgraded for this major release.