SkyBITS Service Pack Version 1.1.351.3

On August 10, 2020, the SkyBITS team released service pack version 1.1.351.3. This service pack addresses several bugs in the current release as we await the next major version. Among the issues addressed are:


  • ADF Invocables now periodically renew the connection token, so that ADF jobs lasting more than an hour do not cause the “Token Expired” SkyBITS error.

  • Additional issues with Data Model Restore Feature have been resolved.

  • The wording of database resize errors now includes proper delay time information.

  • Batches with ADF tasks and other tasks at sequence zero no longer hang when the batch is configured as an ETL batch.

  • Days of the week now properly align when saved to the database even when a time zone shift crosses day barriers.

  • Multiple email recipients in batch alerts can now be separated with extra spaces without issue.

  • The UI now allows passwords containing semicolons and single quotes to be used in instance password connections

  • The white highlighting of task dependencies which make the task names unreadable on Windows 2012 servers has now been removed.